Monday, January 22, 2018

UIDAI's new feature to do Aadhaar verification with your Face.....

In  India there are 15 million up to 1.5 crore people are blind and to many people are without hands.
Today's most important ID proof in India is Adhaar Card. There are many people that don't have Aadhaar Card because of disabilities like cut hands . Too many people are losed their fingerprints by doing labour or another work.
So the UIDAI is going to start a new method for those people. According to UIDAI's official news this  method will be face recognition and this method is going to be started  from July 2018 .
Then , People will have option to verify their identity by giving just their face picture. If somebody has no eyes or fingers he/she can then enroll for adhaar by giving their face authentication and one option from eyes or fingers.
It will be very easy for those people that don't have fingers or those that losed their fingerprints to enroll for new aadhaar or for update or make corrections in their Aadhaar.
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